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EnterActive Productions is among the top innovative Production companies in South Africa. Founded in 1998 with a capitalization of a few hundred SA Rand and as a home-based business, the company has grown from humble beginnings to becoming one of the top children’s theatre production companies, corporate and industrial theatre companies and events management companies in South Africa. From the start, the company began to differentiate itself from its competitors by providing superior services at the most affordable rates. This could only be done by laying foundations based on sound economic principles.  Theatre often is at the forefront of social change. 

We give our clients solutions that add value to their operations and give them a competitive edge. We take quality and client service very seriously. Our goal is to stimulate curiosity and learning with our fun, creative and educational approach. EnterActive focuses on the needs of its clients, believing that satisfied clients are the company’s biggest intangible asset. Skilled employees with a passion for their job, along with personal attention, ensure productions of the highest quality. Combine this with the most competitive pricing and client satisfaction is guaranteed. We offer a diverse field of expertise. We bring our clients a whole new level of entertainment with our talented, creative & resourceful staff.

EnterActive Productions is committed to its clients in providing turnkey productions and positive social change that are beyond conventional and old-school methods. We provide worry-free, budget-conscience productions and entertainment to businesses, establishments and individuals alike who desire a quality high-end service. We need to be the change we want to see in the world.

Your DREAM is our REALITY...

Dulinda Taljaard

(Founder and Owner)



Storytelling Workshops

The most powerful person in the world is the storyteller. The storyteller sets

the vision, mission, value and agenda of an entire generation that is to

come.  Storytelling helps humans dive into creativity, explore intelligence,

and develop innovation. Children and teachers are emotionally connected

therefor storytelling  help students develop a positive attitude towards the

learning process. Through this workshop you will learn how to incorporate

storytelling as a part of your lesson.  Storytelling is the oldest form of

teaching.  Stories create magic and a sense of wonder at the world. Learn

tips and techniques for teachers and staff in a fun and innovative

workshop."If you want your children to be smart, tell them stories. If you

want them to be brilliant, tell them more stories."- Albert Einstein

" We are all storytellers. We all live in a network of stories. There isn't a stronger connection between people than storytelling. "
- Jimmy Neil Smith 

Poppekas / Puppet Show

Die Sonnekas / The Sunny Show puppet theatre has been entertaining and educating our young ones since 1996, with wonderful stories and colorful characters. Puppetry is a healing art and are both entertaining and therapeutic in value. Children learn through valuable lessons and this beautiful visual art form.  Book us at your Nursery School, Primary School, Private School, Birthday Party, Wedding, Corporate Event or Play School.  The show can be performed anywhere from a school classroom, assembly hall  to a theatre. Let Sunshine (Sonnetjie), Flower (Blommetjie), Stan (Frikkie) and Dan (Prikkie) together with the amazing Sunny Show / Sonnekas Puppet Theatre and friends from Sunnyland (Sonneland),  come and entertain your children in the comfort of your own space. 
Book any theme anytime of the year. 

“If you take a child to the theatre, not only will they practice empathy they might also laugh uproariously, or come home singing about science, or want to know more about history, or tell you what happened at school today, or spend all dinner discussing music, or learn how to handle conflict, or start becoming future patrons of the arts". - Lauren Gunderson

Lewendige teater
Live Theatre

Educational children's theatre has the ability to literally jump a story off the page and bring it to life.  The show can be performed anywhere from a school classroom, assembly hall  to a theatre.  These engaging and informative shows focus on young children, teaching them about the world we live in.  Theatre in Education is a process that uses interactive theatre/drama practices to help aid the educational process. Pipple and Popple will enchant you with their hilarious and educational stories. Through dance, song and stories we learn more about ourselves and our world.  Any theme, anytime of the year!

" Regard the theatre as the greatest of all art forms,

the most immediate way in which a human being can

share with another, the sense of what it is to be a

human being. " - Oscar Wilde

Jêmbekke Redenaars/Orators

Oratory skills are essential in various platforms. Studies have proven that other than death itself - most people categorized speaking in front of an audience as one of their biggest fears. Self-confidence is a fundamental quality of good orators.  Oration is something that you will need throughout your life. It is your time to speak up - let them say: "So 'n bek moet jêm kry!".Come on! What are you waiting for? The time is NOW to learn how to talk the talk and walk the walk...step by step...Enter NOW! Let us help your child to become the best HIM/HER that they can be!
Writing, training and recording of:

Class Speeches / Klastoesprake

Team Orators / Spanredenaars

Debate / Debat
Orators / Redenaars

Unprepared Orators / Onvoorbereide Redenaars

Great is our admiration of the orator who speaks with fluency and discretion." -  Marcus Tullius Cicero Roman Philosopher


Book our amazing and professional dancers for your next fun-filled birthday, bachelorette-party, special occasion. We offer tasteful, unique and exciting fire dancers and professional dancers - though they are breathtakingly cheeky, classy, sexy and sensual, these are not "Adult Entertainers" BUT professional artists-dancers.  Why don't you book us for your next party - learn  burlesque-inspired dance routines and we promise GOOD, CLEAN fun that will leave the girls entertained and wishing for more. The result: memorable moments and fun experiences! What are you waiting for? 

- enter the DANGER FUN ZONE and see for yourself.    

" What happens at the bachelorette party, stays at the

bachelorette party."- that's what she said

National Eisteddfod

Spring in! Jump in! National Eisteddfod (since 2020)
This Eisteddfod is the perfect showcase for music, bands, dance, visual arts, fine arts, literature, drama, orators, team orators, choirs and creative writing on an online platform. Participants of all ages may enter any number of different sections and categories. Our mission is to: create an online platform to encourage and promote participation in the arts for all ages; provide a powerful tool to build self-confidence, self-love and the courage to take a stand in this world of ours; to inspire participants to achieve the highest possible standard; serve as a springboard to prepare talented performers for a career in the performing arts; give our young performers the sense of Ubuntu, a quality that embodies the universal bond of sharing and connecting communities through the support of art;
to promote their love for the arts and the cultivation of all art forms.

" Do something today, that your future self will thank you for."

Think OUTSIDE the box...
WHAT box?

These customized and tailor-made theatre workshops are replacing the old-school speaker and boring meetings. At EnterActive Productions we understand that  no-one likes to be told what to do OR to be lectured. Think OUTSIDE the box and book our participate, industrial, corporate, ambush, applied or street theatre as a means of disseminating information.  We offer theatre based workshops in corporate training and experiential learning through play, fun and games. Whether you are a consumer brand looking for exposure through in-store promotions or brand awareness and extensive marketing. Maybe you are a  corporate executive looking for Kolb's experiential learning cycle or an exclusive CSI project, there are no boxes therefor NO LIMITS to our expertise. We focus on creating amplified awareness where you need it most. No need to think outside of the box...simply realize: THERE IS NO BOX!

" A brand is worthless if it doesn't connect with the right audiences in a relevant way ."


Through the years we've brought life to golden oldies and took young and old down memory lane with children's productions such as: Haas Das se Nuuskas, Wielie Wielie Walie and Bennie Boekwurm. Babalela and all the well-known and loved bedtime stories are still part of every little one's library. We LOVE books and bringing books to life is one of our biggest JOYS! We know HOW to tell a story and how to adapt a book into a theatrical masterpiece. Understanding the mind of our little children

"Het iemand dalk my bril gesien?" - Bennie Boekwurm
"Los my uit!" - Babalela
"Mense is maar so...hulle praat baie en sê niks." - Knortand 
"Goeienaand, dit is dan nou ses uur en hier volg die nuus." -HaasDas
"Ho! Ho! Ho!" - Kersvader

Primary & High Schools

Edutainment is "Education on an ice-cream". Loving every moment while you

learn. What an amazing concept with wonderful benefits such as: improving of self-esteem, motivation, setting higher self-goals, understanding of important and complicated life-skills, maximizing learning through fun and laughter, changing of attitudes and behavior and being inspired to challenge perceptions and beliefs. By using innovative theatre in education we help young people to understand and retain messages.  The aim of Educational Theatre as a tool is to raise questions concerning what it means to be human. Our Edutainment shows are suitable for Primary and High School learners and we adapt our themes according to your specific needs. There are certain life-skills we can take wherever we go in life, no matter what we do!

"Teach me and I'll forget. Show me and I may remember. Involve me and I'll learn." - Benjamin Franklin

High School - Prescribed Work

EnterActive Productions is a touring theatre company and we bring the curriculum to life! Our mission is to engage young minds.  With bags of talent and years of experience in educating young audiences through the power of drama and imagination, we bring your Grade 11 and 12 prescribed Shakespeare and English Poetry to you in a fun, engaging and entertaining theatre workshop.  We never fail to capture the attention and imagination of our audiences. It’s a real joy to watch and you might be surprised at just how more interested and easy your classwork is the next time you dive into the pages. Even teachers can end up hooked!

" Shakespeare and his work will always be relevant. He wrote those pieces of work hundreds of years ago and we haven't really changed as humans, have we?  We have to deal with love, honor and adultery now - people were the same then too, that's what's so wonderful and powerful" - Michelle Dockery

met Tant Koeksie

Welkom by Tante Koeksie se eie kabel-netwerk, Kinkel in die kabel...

Kitch is die nuwe cool en hierdie ou dame het BAIE om te sê oor kinkels in die katel, van kinkhoes tot koorspenne en klinkklare bewyse dat boererate werklik WERK. Kom kuier gerus saam en leer meer oor vervloë ou dae en laat Tant Koeksie die kinkels in jou kabel uitstryk en ontknoop met haar wyshede.

"Daar sal altyd 'n krinkel-kronkel kinkel in jou kabel wees, hartjie." - Tant Koeksie


@your School

Book this event at your school - a movie night sounds cool especially after a year of hard work and post-Covid blues. Celebrate the gathering of loved ones, families and friends with a movie under the stars and a market filled with delicious food, treats and drinks on the go. What are you waiting for! It is time to treat your school community with a picnic-movie experience under the starry starry night skies!

" To sit under the stars is to realize how huge the world is and how small your worries are..."


Our partners in making your dreams a reality...

Don't dream your life, but live your dream - Mark Twain

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